Dear HPR Listeners,

July will be here in no time, and with it comes the second half of 2015. This means that time is running out for listener-supported Heartland Public Radio to raise the money needed to satisfy our budget for the first half of this year. The total amount needed for 2015 is $8,000. So, our goal for the rest of this spring into the end of June is to reach $4,000. We are almost half-way there.

If you haven't donated to HPR yet, and if you enjoy listener-supported HPR's commercial-free programming, please donate today! Whether our mix of Classic Country music brings you here, or the soul-soothing and refreshing Bluegrass Gospel lifts you up - or both - the time is now for you to step up and support HPR.
It will take only a moment of your time. Click the "Donate" button above. This button will take you to our PayPal/Credit Card Donate page. It is guaranteed safe and secure to donate via PayPal, and you do not need a PayPal account in order to do so. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can use the credit card donation option which is also on that page (toward the center of it).
If you prefer to donate by mail using a check or money order, you can download and print our donation form by clicking here.
No amount is too small. Even if your budget allows for a donation of $5, please don't hesitate to give to HPR. Every dollar counts; they all add up.

If you wish to become a Sustainer of Heartland Public Radio, you may sign up for Automatic Monthly Donations via your PayPal account. Simply select an amount located in the "Become a Sustainer" section above, and then click "Subscribe."

Your contributions pay for new expenses such as the recent design and the ongoing maintenance of our numerous smartphone and set-top-box applications. Longtime and ongoing expenses for things like streaming bandwidth, music licensing fees and postal box rental fees along with imperative software and hardware upgrades also apply.

Please, donate to listener-supported Heartland Public Radio as soon as possible.

Thank you for supporting Heartland Public Radio!



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